Thursday, October 5, 2017

Celebrating 25 years of Owl Babies
Owl Babies, Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson
This year marks the 25th anniversary of the timeless treasure that is Owl Babies.  I'm delighted to see this story in board book format because it has really resonated with our readers from a very young age.  The parallel construction, varied character personalities and suspense is so perfect for little humans.  This book was part of a very small group of favourites in Esky's (memorised) bedtime canon.  Ivy continued the tradition of favouring it, and Mia has proven to have a matching (or stronger) affinity for it.  Mia has always empathised most with stories of separation (she really loves to be near her mama!) and so the youngest owlet's longing really speaks to her (and as an added bonus, the youngest is the littlest of three, like her!).  The unique rich blacks of the illustrations and careful cross-hatching makes for exquisite night scenes without being too scary -- so detailed and dark they resemble wood-cuts.  If this has been loved in your household as well, now is a great time to revisit it -- perhaps to share it with a nibling, grandchild or expectant mother.  It would make a great first or second birthday board-book gift!  This title's withstood the test of time and will prove popular in many more homes yet.  It has been a real hit in ours (and it is so good for doing voices!).  If it's somehow escaped your radar, get on it for little ones.  Here's an animated trailer! 

NB:  As a bonus, there are great teaching ideas online for this book, if you're orbiting in education circles.  Google away!

Review copies received from Walker.
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