Saturday, October 28, 2017

Hugo Makes a Change

Hugo Makes a Change, Scott Emmons and Mauro Gatti
This is so playful and yet...propaganda.  But propaganda of the best kind, surely.  Despite Hugo's appearance, there's no blood-sucking habits in this story; what Hugo loves is meat.  There's layers to the language for the adults though --  such as when Hugo wakes in the night saying he could "go for a bite."  The story is told in tight rhyme, the message is clear (meat-overload leads to bloating, sluggishness and low energy), and the suggested better course isn't puritanical.  Hugo's change is that he tries a wider variety of foods, (not that he replaces meat with fruit and veg).  The ethical aspect of meat consumption isn't broached at all.  I like that Hugo is pictured sometimes as a humanoid other times as a bat -- without a breakdown of this transformation -- I find that fun.  The final life-tie-in (that Hugo leaves the little pock-marks we find in fruit) is a cute touch.  The bold and bright palette coupled with confident rhyme made this enjoyable for me to read aloud, and I like promoting adventurous eating, so this title gets a thumbs up from us.  Sound good to you?  This would make a perfect addition to your library this Halloween -- especially if you need some of this flavour of propaganda at your place.  Want more in song-form?  Look no further than Try, Try Again from Sesame Street

Review copy received from Walker.


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