Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Girl of Fire and Thorns

  • I liked that this heroine was different, and felt put-out when she made changes physically.  I sometimes tired of how privileged she was (even when she thought she wasn't), but #trueoftheperiod.
  • I was intrigued by the tight story, and was even surprised by some things.
  • The world-build was great.
  • I appreciated Carson's tastefulness in her use of language of sensual elements.
Book 2:
  • Tastefulness continues in language and sensuality.  After some longing and infatuation, waiting for intimacy and someone kind are both featured as desirable courses of action (hurrah!).
  • This started well and the narrative has generous amounts of action (I didn't find any scenes slow).  Niggles aside (below), I think this is more compelling than Book 1.
  • I still wasn't comfortable with references to weight persisting so frequently, but I do think Book 2 does a better job of developing themes of coddling, over-protection, indulgence and privilege  to give better context to the weight issue (Book 1 didn't get too deep into this, so it just seemed like the character shed pounds for the sake of being more heroic / attractive.)
  • Even though it is in keeping with the (parallel) period, it is so frustrating to see women in power or advantage due to whom they marry not because women deserve a voice by their own right.  It's hard to read sometimes!
  • Some of it is overdone...but I don't think anyone going into these expected realism.

Book 3:
  • It was great to find the supporting characters have more dimensions in this one.
  • The morals also came out stronger, and I liked that.
  • I did tire of all the journeys...and horses being given a hard rap (who knew I was so equine-protective?  Apparently I am.)
  • The dialogue wanes a little compared to the earlier installments, but it wasn't bad.
  • Relationship-wise: Pleased to see an interplay between caution and intimacy, disappointed that the heroine gave less than I felt she could have to her relationship.  

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