Friday, November 24, 2017

Arty Horses Book

Horses, Jarom Vogel and Iris Volant
We have a mighty collection of horse paraphernalia around these parts, including horse books.  So a new horse thing has to have an edge -- something that sets it apart -- for me to make room, and not consider it already covered.  Vogel's illustrations got my attention and I made my request.  When the review copy arrived, I was surprised by how comprehensive it is!  I love the spotlight stories on famous horses and other historical content (there's more here than introducing the terms foal, colt, mare and stallion or naming the different breeds of horse).    I suspect horse-loving adults will be drawn to this visually faster than children, since the book has that elegant coffee-table feel, but the detail inside will have them engrossed.  A gift option for a horse-lover you know who already has horse books a-plenty...and yet you know another is just what he or she would like.

Review copy received from Hachette.
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