Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Big News!

We're expecting... see at least one of the novels I've written in print relatively soon.
(One way or another.  Specifics will follow.)

You feel like you missed an update somewhere?
Ya didn't. 
If you had an inkling (or even personal confirmation) this was going on, you are in a small minority.
For most people, this post is the first opportunity to learn I've been writing anything other than book reviews.
(Where oh WHERE did the other SK posts go?  Well, they kinda died when the manuscripts were born...)

While I wait for further developments and bigger announcements,
I'm releasing some of my short fiction on Kindle.  

You can jump straight to my page on Author Central and sample novelettes available for download...
And for the next few days, the first eBook is absolutely free!

One-click, no cost, short fiction.   Happy Advent!

Or check out my author website for more information...

Or ignore this entirely.

Up to you.

But I welcome honest reviews if you are up for a short read or three.
(Share 'em on Amazon / goodreads / your blog...any way you like.)
You'll be the first ones to do so...since I've only just put these things up.

To close, in the spirit of Old SK...
I'll answer Five FAQs I've had so far, here...

1.  What kind of novels have you written?
One is speculative fiction set in the same world in which the novelettes take place -- that's all I'll say about that for now.  The second re-imagines the dark ages with a feminist ray of light.

2.   When did you find time to do this?
You make time...and you marry well.

3.  Can I get a review copy of anything or host a giveaway on my blog?
Possibly.  There's no harm in asking.  Email me.

4.  How long has this been your plan?
I don't remember it not being the plan.  It's one of my earliest plans...from childhood, at least (that's a pre-mortal existence joke, get it?)

5.  So that's your last name, huh?  After all the smoke and mirrors you just came out and said it?
Kinda...but not really. 

x Angela

P.S.  If you saw this post appear prematurely, I'm sorry.  The timezone settings didn't match between my site and resolved.  GAH!

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