Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Marissa Meyer does Wonderland

Heartless, Marissa Meyer
I am a huge fan of The Lunar Chronicles, and so I definitely dove eagerly into another retelling by Meyer.  This was an entirely different flavour of Meyer...and unfortunately, it wasn't for me;
  • This read much younger and sillier than I was used to, from Meyer...and yet...still very dark.  The darkness wasn't the problem.
  • This is what I imagine Caraval's story would have been like had it been set in Wildwood.  That is to say there are reluctant betrothals and carnival-style games and showmanship alongside talking animals.
  • I stuck with it for the love story.  I know you're not even feigning surprise here.  But it wasn't enough, come book's close.  There was love, but it was weird and dark.  I don't want to buy this one (I own her others).
  • It wasn't an utter waste of time, it just wasn't a home run, nor as good as I hoped for.
Heartless was to Meyer as Dangerous was to Shannon Hale -- a book that demonstrates for us all that an author can do other things buuuuut...not as well (interestingly, for Hale I her SF writing less while inversely for Meyer I'd rather that's all she did).

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