Sunday, November 26, 2017

Mia at 4.5


  • One morning at a bed-meeting (you know how mornings are), Mia said, "Guess what I am!" and then she held very very still.  Apart from a smug smile of satisfaction, her charade gave few clues.  We all began guessing; A tree!  A statue!  Eventually Mia rolled her eyes at our ineptitude and said, "A tooth!"  Obviously.
  • This girl's little voice continues to shock people when they hear it for the first time.  It's like a cartoon child is speaking.  She's getting there with "Y" and "TH" but yeah...there's still some youthful pronunciation going on.
  • She loves to be read to, relishes a long snuggle, still thinks pretending to be a baby is fun (we're over it) and considers "playing with her sisters" to be the best part of the day (preferably with animal figurines, but any form of pretend will do).
  • She is super-attached to her bedmate Esky, and me.  
  • She's also very sensitive and tearful at the moment, so we're snuggling through it (most of the time, sometimes we're having frank talks about what warrants tears...these are interesting waters we're navigating...the pun works, because sometimes it does feel like waterworks).
  • Mia is still determined to be with me forever, swearing she'll never want to be anywhere else.  I always give her an appreciative pat or hug when she says this and promise her she'll change her mind, but thank you.  She tells me she loves me super-often, and it is nectar.
  • She isn't as interested in learning to read or memorisation of anything the way the other two were -- fine by us -- but different.  That said, she voluntarily does bookwork alongside her elder sisters each day because it's what we do around here, and is always eager to be a cooking assistant.  Come chore-time?  She tends to revert to baby-mode and suddenly doesn't want to be a big girl.  Rude.
  • An e.g. with the less-into-memoriation thing -- when we sing (even songs we sing very often), she watches my mouth and tries to guess almost every word.  She'll sometimes come in correct with a line-ender, but for the most part, is just making sounds.  Soooo different from the other two...and hilarious.
  • Favourite foods include Weet-bix (still!), porridge (still!),  crackers, hotdogs, rice balls, wraps from anywhere around the world (burritos, kebabs, dosa, kati rolls...), sweet yoghurt (she will not eat the natural stuff her sisters consume with fruit), curry, cornbread and spaghetti.  Vegetables are still to grow on this girl...(in a wrap, sure, otherwise, no).
  • I cannot get enough of kissing her cheeks. 
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