Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Night of Cake and Puppets: THE BOOK! AH!!!

Night of Cake and Puppets, Laini Taylor (Illustrations by Jim Di Bartolo)
I wished for this day to come.  I bought the eBook of this scrumptious novella as soon as it was available...and told a lot of people they must do the same.   But I longed for a copy to hold to my chest.  The day such a copy was available came...and with Laini's husband on illustrations, it's even better than I hoped!

The Story:
Laini's writing is as sharp and strong as ever. Those similes! And it's filled with delicious sentences you want to re-read yet you don't want to stop... As I began reading, I was immediately transported back to Prague and so invested; so relishing Taylor's voice, that it pained me to think of returning to any book in this novella's wake. If the novels in the DOSAB series are a bunch of a exhilarating amusement park rides, NOCAP is the sumptuous bed you retire to at the vacation day's end, but it is so soft and luxurious you make sheet-angels of delight -- you've found a retreat from the intensity but still feel the thrill of your holiday. You know all of that incredibly entertaining dialogue I raved about that peppered DOSAB and DOBAS? NOCAP lives in that space; it unleashes Zuzana's wit, her internal monologue, the sweetness of her interest in Mik (and his in her), her creativity, and this remains the narrative's playground. Hilarious holiday. I laughed so loud, so often.

The Hardback Edition:
It's a fans must-have.  Consider this my official notification to all my readers of your "Buy for Self" item this Christmas.  It doesn't disappoint.  There's an exquisite table of contents, character-illustrations as chapter headers as the POV switches (!), and then there's Zuze's map -- oh my.  I thought I'd just flick through the review copy to see what had been done visually to go with the story (I've already read it more than once...) but I could. not. reread.  I read it all over again, and loved it all over again...and all the more for the story being wed with this artwork.  It's not at all wearing old for me; Laini is my jam and interspersed illustrations through her playful narrative (and the story of a single, creative, magical night)? Perfection.  It's like you climb into Zuzana's scrapbook journal.  P.S.  Love love love the cover.

Review copy received from Hachette but it's worth every cent to buy it, people.
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