Friday, November 3, 2017

The most hype I've seen for a book as long as I've been reviewing...

The Wonderling, Mira Bartok
GORGEOUS.  Also: slow-moving, derivative and under-edited, which is unfortunate.  That said...I think fans of Wildwood, Dickens and Lemony Snicket's will really like what they find here.  The slow start will cull some younger readers from the target audience, but I think enough adults will pick up this irresistible beauty to compensate.  I couldn't get behind the protag -- who was constantly acted upon instead of taking action -- but I appreciate the love obviously there in the lyrical (albeit slow-moving) prose and beautiful, beautiful art.  Bartok is certainly one to watch, but perhaps for me, not one to reeeeead. 

Review copy received from Walker.
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