Monday, November 27, 2017

Three Cheers for Women

Three Cheers for Women, Marcia Williams
I was recently drawn to Marcia Williams' collection of Shakespeare retellings at our local library.  I nabbed it from the shelf and sang inside that broad overviews of these touchstone works were being made so accessible and appealing for my kids!  Thank you, Williams!  All three of my girls are very much into comic-strip style right now.  When I saw Three Cheers for Women was coming out, I got on that quick!  Using this same style to promote historical and social studies subject matter is just brilliant!  I will be incorporating this book in our homeschool curriculum -- it's a crowd-pleaser text for reading comprehension or will serve as a perfect springboard for topic studies.  This single volume is packed with stories and achievements from all around the world and throughout time, including writers, warriors, astronauts and activists from Cleopatra to Malala.  The inclusion of quotes and jokes is especially well-received in our household.  As for visual appeal?  Esky's reaction as soon as she saw its spine alone was, "Yes, women!" and she immediately spread out on the floor with it, beaming when she found graphic frames inside.  All homes would benefit from adding this title to their home library -- these are women for girls and boys alike to celebrate, revere and honour.  I LOVE THIS TITLE!

Watch out for this one in February 2018.

Review copy received from Walker.
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