Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Five Food Revelations at 5:00

  1. Friend-family of ours introduced us to pomegranate recently.  I have had one of those nature jewels every day since.  I am obsessed.  They're pretty consistently $2 a piece at Countdown right now.  Every time I see them I pick up a week's supply.  LOVE THEM.  If you have also been missing out your whole life, get on this!
  2. You know how plant milks say on the box, "Consume within 5 days of opening"? And you're like, "Yeah, loosely..." or "That won't be an issue, it'll be gone in two"?  (Well, that's what I'm like.)  I can tell you, if you consume AFTER 5 days it can be lumpy, rancid and foul.  It's not a loose "Best Before," situation, that be wisdom right thir.  I wish I could say I have only learned the hard way with one type of plant milk, but thing is, I've retched over bad soy AND bad almond milk thus far.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.  #whenskullingfromthecartonbitesback
  3. Those Tilda packs of instant rice are delicious.  $4 for two, in amazing flavours...and ready so fast?  Winning.  Yes, it's more expensive than cooking from dry rice.  But sometimes you need a fast meal, and $2 is not bad (they're cheaper than the Old Ben's equivalent, and better tasting).  
  4. I can't believe I haven't posted about this.  Brown rice onigiri.  Oh my.  Not just anywhere, mind you.  At Tokyo Express their brown rice balls are made fresh and I just lo-ho-ove them.  Named them, and they're not paying me to, I just speak the truth here.
  5. My sister makes three ingredient spanakopita.  She advised me of this.  It's become my new risoni / pasta salad, that is: it's the new thing I make compulsively and live off for three meals a day until gone.  I've made it more than once a week...multiple weeks.  (The three?  Pastry, spinach, feta.  That's it.  For me it's best when the cheese ratio is high...and Ornelle brand feta is surprisingly my preference for this -- and it's frequently the cheapest! Talley's spinach is my least favourite and the most tough bitter.)
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