Monday, March 12, 2018

Saving Francesca

Saving Francesca, Melina Marchetta
I've led with that cover first since that's the one that displayed on my phone as I listened to this via BorrowBox (through my library).  That's right, I played the audiobook of this title!  *gasp*  It's not my usual style, I know...but  Rebecca Macauley's reading worked for me (especially at x1.25 speed).  It made doing laundry and pruning hedges a whole lot more fun for a week. 

Marchetta's a YA master.  This is known.  But I was surprised I hadn't heard more about this particular title.  It shares a lot of the heart, authenticity and depth of The 10pm Question -- which is saying a lot, since I consider that a well-crafted masterpiece.  It's also so. darn. funny.  I laughed out loud more than once.  There's some swearing, so it ended up being played through headphones.  I wonder if I would have liked it even more if I'd read instead of listened to it.  We'll never know! 

Marchetta reads honest, and I really like that.  A great contemporary YA read.
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