Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The rest of the Starbound trilogy

I read the first of the Starbound trilogy last year.  I found the first half okay -- read: pretty contrived -- but in the second half it really came into its own.  That second half was memorable and special. 

So I finished the trilogy...
This Shattered World, Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
This has strong dialogue and likable characters -- two things that help me want to read.  Be warned: the protags are not the same characters from Book 1 (like The Lunar Chronicles, this shifts focus to a new heroine...and couple, each installment.) There are a few overly convenient, formulaic points, as well as some glaring inconsistencies.  I chose to ignore both as I was in the mood for this kind of narrative.  I found the interspersed flashbacks served as interruptions more than bonus treats, sadly.  Like These Broken Stars, it gets to the meat of matters late.  But overall, I enjoyed reading this and wanted to read on.
Their Fractured Light, Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
Each of these books is different and has a story in its own right.  This is the most different, if you're looking for similarities; it's set on a world more like ours and less alien, with more a futuristic world-build as opposed to other.  Again, I liked the characters, though sometimes their ignorance was unbelievable.  Unlike Books 1 and 2, it is the second half that drags a little here, as the start has a great meet-cute and set-up.  I was surprised to find some disappointing cliches still made the final cut by Book 3 (e.g. tension could be cut with a knife and things were felt with every fibre of a character's being).  But the story holds a satisfaction comparable to Winter (published at a very similar time) -- in seeing a gang altogether as the couples of the preceding books paths intersect (though it feels less essential, than Winter).  I was also reminded of Resistance is Futile, Spinning Starlight, Speaker for the Dead and the Chaos Walking trilogy while reading this one.  Advisory stuff: there's sensuality here, but the ol' fade-out is employed (but yes, young adults having sex is referenced).

I think if you enjoyed The Selection and The Lunar Chronicles, you'd probably enjoy these, they're pretty heavy on the romance angle. 
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