Monday, May 14, 2018

Does My Head Look Big in This?

Does My Head Look Big in This? Randa Abdel-Fattah
I listened to the audiobook for this one too.  I thoroughly enjoyed considering a teen navigating challenges I never had.  The narrative centres on Amal's decision to wear the hijab "full-time" while traversing the usual challenges of high school.  Though I was sad to find other aspects of Amal's quest for liberation very confining (her preoccupation with make-up and clothing, for example), this was her story and appearances are a big deal for many.  It just felt like an odd juxtaposition to take a stand to express one's true self without shame...yet worry about outfits...but I began to understand the complexity of that; wanting to adopt an expression of one's faith whilst still buying into the construct of presenting one's self as attractive, however you might do that.  It was definitely interesting, and sparked lively "discussions" between me and Haki while I was reading.  Amal wasn't one of my favourite heroines, but I enjoyed getting to know her.
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