Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Seraphina Pair
Seraphina, Rachel Hartman
This title has appeared on a number of award lists for good reason.  The beautiful prose is denser and more rich than most YA.  It has a smashing opening and is masterfully plotted.  Though it took me some time to be more attentive to longer sentences and colourful vocabulary (there were words here and there I had to look up, confession), it was never too weighty to be enjoyed.  I especially appreciated: the maturity of the characters in respect to romance, the gorgeous world-build and the characters' depth (shown and not told).  Warning: contains references to self-harm.   Sensuality, language and violence are kept in check.
Shadow Scale, Rachel Hartman
While I did not find the sequel as engrossing, the writing remains strong and the resolution is very well-handled.   This is darker than the first.

A very strong dualogy, overall.  I've read nothing quite like it.  Highly recommended.
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