Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Good Human Alert

A few months ago, I wrote this message, at Esky's request.  She so desperately wanted me to write it, she wrote me a note, on toilet paper, reminding me of its urgency.  (Fetching paper would have breached her bedtime terms so she used what she could get her hands on.)

Dear Lovely People at the Gardens,

Today my daughters were playing in the lovely rhododendron (I think?) trees near the main entry to the gardens and found a small stuffed animal lion. He is clearly very well loved. Sadly, it was after 4pm so we were unable to hand him into the visitors’ centre Lost and Found, so left the lion where he was found in the hopes his owner (or parent of his owner) might return for him, thinking that better than leaving it outside the centre and far away from where someone might retrace their steps. My daughter is very concerned that tomorrow it will rain and no one will find the lion and bring it in to Lost and Found once you are open. If there is anyone there who will be doing rounds tomorrow who might look in on this wee lion, it would warm her worried heart.

(Or if by some miracle someone enquired about whether anyone had seen their precious lion, that is where it is!)

Thank you for your time!

Angela (and Esky) Lastname

Now, to why I'm posting about this.  The reply.  Oh, the reply!

Dear Angela and Esky,

Thanks for your email and concern for the Lion you found in the undergrowth.

I traipsed high and low this morning around the area you mentioned said Lion was last seen in, hoping to be able to email you a photo of the Lion to prove he was in safe hands and to allay your concerns Esky that Lion was alone and lost in the jungle of the rhododendrons, but alas, I could not find him. I suspect this is because the owner may have returned to collect him, as I checked with all staff and the information centre and no one has had the Lion handed in.

Thank you for your concern and for letting us know. I'll of course keep my eyes open and ears peeled over the weekend just in case Lion is found and handed in.

Kind regards,

Well, months have passed, and there has been no more word from Barbara.  Suffice to say, Lion must have returned home.  I haven't forgotten this woman's good humour.  She even cc:ed Esky in her reply (as I had).  And I think we should share more stories that celebrate than we do vent.  To Barbara! *virtual toast*
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