Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Lantana Publishing: An Avenue for Minority Voices
Isn't that cover gorgeous!?*  This is but one of a rich array of titles from Lantana Publishing.  I love what Lantana is doing -- adding dimensions to the children's book market and widening the road of opportunity for minority voices.  Before I even knew who they were and what they were about, my daughters picked up The Wooden Camel from our library based solely on its cover appeal;
Ivy, in particular, was captivated by the story, and checked it out a second time.

For home-schooling, our units are usually integrated and based on a country.  As well as studying non-fiction texts on religion, traditions, history and important figures, we seek out fictional narratives from each place.  Finding stories for some countries has proven much harder than others!  Lantana is part of the remedy. 

Not only are Lantana stories culturally significant, important for the market, and lovely to look at (as aforementioned*), there's some great writing to be enjoyed.  The alliterative symphony of Sleep Well Siba & Saba is one of my favourite examples.  I don't know about the read-aloud readers in your household, but in ours, we always read the author and illustrator's names after reading a book's title.  The diversity Lantana is adding to that exercise alone is valuable!

Though you'll see they are based in the U.K. and have broken into the U.S. market, Lantana's director lives and works in Dunedin (when she's not travelling...)!  From the time I've been lucky to spend with her, I can tell you: while this place may be extending its reach, this is still very personal for Lantana staff; these people care a great deal about sharing these stories.

Interested in adding some diversity to your family readingDo it.  Or perhaps you're the diversity the children's market is missing out on?  Submissions are open, get in there! 
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