Friday, June 1, 2018

Rachael Craw's next book COVER REVEAL

I've been talking with Rachael about this book since it went by another working title and can't wait to get my hands on a copy!  Rest assured, when I do, I'll be filling you in.  The Rift is officially out in November and promises a brand-new mystery featuring an ancient curse and a centuries-old secret.

The story is set on Black Water Island, where terrifying creatures slip through a dimensional Rift every full moon. These creatures hunt the Old Herd, an ancient race of deer whose antlers carry a potent healing compound, Actaeon’s Bane. The Rangers of the Island have protected the Herd for millennia and face a new threat from a ruthless corporation, Nutris Pharmaceuticals, who will stop at nothing to acquire the compound.

The heroine?  Meg Archer.  A love interest?  There sure is one, and an island to save.   In addition to her cover-stamp or approval, best-selling author Isobelle Carmody says "the romance between Cal and Meg blends envy, desire and uncertainty with a potent authenticity."

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