Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Muse of Nightmares
Muse of Nightmares, Laini Taylor
It was good to be back with Sarai and Lazlo and the gang.  Muse of Nightmares enlarges upon the rich tapestry of Strange, interweaving new and worthy voices.  Initially I was lukewarm about spending time away from the original blue bunch, but as the narrative progressed, I conceded these  characters were adding layers and not simply separating me from places I needed to be.  I was thoroughly impressed with the seamless yet thorough catch-up chapter, the rightness of string-tying and the tasteful treatment of sensuality.  (The steam is definitely thicker in Book 2, but for the most part, sexual scenes fade-out before getting too graphic; some attention given to nipples is probably the most scandalous description.  I would think mostly older YA would be reading these anyway, since the prose is denser and more verbose than Laini's other work.)  Muse didn't wind me with its originality like Strange, but then, these characters and settings were no longer mind-blowingly new.  Instead, Muse was about picking up the introduced characters and settings that had stolen my breath and reframing them -- repopulating spaces, upturning cities and engendering sympathy for villains.  If you've been waiting, you won't be disappointed, but you're not in for the same eye-opening journey into the unknown, you're saddling up for a heart-twisting road to redemption.  Happy October!

Review copy received from Hachette.

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