Friday, December 8, 2017

Another Free Download - Novelette 2
For the next few days, it's the second novelette's turn, Missive, to be FREE TO DOWNLOAD.

Tama discovered recently he is an old-fashioned romantic.  So how does an old-fashioned romantic woo the light-bringer, Bex, in a city where everything is broken but the tech?  Text, audio, photo and video messages are transmitted almost instantly; there’s not much charm in that.  So begins Tama’s bartering for old-world paper to bear his missives.  The last clean city hasn’t seen courtship like this for over a century.
One-click, no cost, short fiction.  

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Five Food Revelations at 5:00

  1. Friend-family of ours introduced us to pomegranate recently.  I have had one of those nature jewels every day since.  I am obsessed.  They're pretty consistently $2 a piece at Countdown right now.  Every time I see them I pick up a week's supply.  LOVE THEM.  If you have also been missing out your whole life, get on this!
  2. You know how plant milks say on the box, "Consume within 5 days of opening"? And you're like, "Yeah, loosely..." or "That won't be an issue, it'll be gone in two"?  (Well, that's what I'm like.)  I can tell you, if you consume AFTER 5 days it can be lumpy, rancid and foul.  It's not a loose "Best Before," situation, that be wisdom right thir.  I wish I could say I have only learned the hard way with one type of plant milk, but thing is, I've retched over bad soy AND bad almond milk thus far.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.  #whenskullingfromthecartonbitesback
  3. Those Tilda packs of instant rice are delicious.  $4 for two, in amazing flavours...and ready so fast?  Winning.  Yes, it's more expensive than cooking from dry rice.  But sometimes you need a fast meal, and $2 is not bad (they're cheaper than the Old Ben's equivalent, and better tasting).  
  4. I can't believe I haven't posted about this.  Brown rice onigiri.  Oh my.  Not just anywhere, mind you.  At Tokyo Express their brown rice balls are made fresh and I just lo-ho-ove them.  Named them, and they're not paying me to, I just speak the truth here.
  5. My sister makes three ingredient spanakopita.  She advised me of this.  It's become my new risoni / pasta salad, that is: it's the new thing I make compulsively and live off for three meals a day until gone.  I've made it more than once a week...multiple weeks.  (The three?  Pastry, spinach, feta.  That's it.  For me it's best when the cheese ratio is high...and Ornelle brand feta is surprisingly my preference for this -- and it's frequently the cheapest! Talley's spinach is my least favourite and the most tough bitter.)

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Amazing Animal Atlas

The Amazing Animal Atlas, Dr. Nick Crumpton and Gaia Bordicchia
From the great winding Ganges river in India to the thick conifer forests of northern Europe, travel across the globe to discover the rich variety of animals that share our blue planet. Written by zoologist Dr. Nick Crumpton and fully illustrated throughout, this fascinating fact-filled book will be treasured for generations.

Things I love about this book:
  • The illustration style -- oh my goodness.  So gorgeous!  Often animal illustrations are overly-simplified for my taste, but Italian illustrator Bordicchia's animals retain their true proportions, colour, character and beauty.
  • The pages -- eco-friendly.  I know this from the press release, yes, but they also feel and look recycled, which I dig.  (Eco-friendly production, highest quality FSC assured paper and printed with vegetable-based inks.)
  • Linking animals with an atlas is dynamite for me.  As a homeschooling parent of animal-lovers, I can't think of a better way to help my girls internalise geography than to marry it with the animal kingdom.  What's the bet that my kids will be better able to recognise continents by their shape or tell you about foreign climates only because they read a certain animal is from there?  I would not be surprised in the least.
A gorgeous and environmentally-friendly education gift.

Review copy received from Walker books.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Harry Potter Creatures by Torchlight
J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World Creatures, Magical Film Projections
Using black line illustrations on framed acetate pages, this enchanting book allows fans to project their favourite scenes from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them films at home with a torch. Discover Dobby the house-elf, Buckbeak the Hippogriff and other fascinating creatures from the wizarding world in this unique book. In a dark room, shine a light through the window on each page to project incredible scenes on the wall or ceiling. Read along and experience extraordinary moments from J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World like never before.

This is as good as it sounds.  Because we are currently bed-time reading Harry Potter aloud in our household, an accompanying film projection on the wall at night is perfect!  It really does add a magical element.  I'm not sure about your HP fans, but mine are on the younger side and very into animals and mythical creatures.  This title pulls together elements they've instinctively been drawn to as we've engaged with the story -- Esky (8), said one of her favourite characters is Hedwig (the owl)!  There are a range of titles in the Wizarding World series waiting for you to explore...and possibly ship for Christmas to HP fans you know.

Review copy received from Walker.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Big News!

We're expecting... see at least one of the novels I've written in print relatively soon.
(One way or another.  Specifics will follow.)

You feel like you missed an update somewhere?
Ya didn't. 
If you had an inkling (or even personal confirmation) this was going on, you are in a small minority.
For most people, this post is the first opportunity to learn I've been writing anything other than book reviews.
(Where oh WHERE did the other SK posts go?  Well, they kinda died when the manuscripts were born...)

While I wait for further developments and bigger announcements,
I'm releasing some of my short fiction on Kindle.  

You can jump straight to my page on Author Central and sample novelettes available for download...
And for the next few days, the first eBook is absolutely free!

One-click, no cost, short fiction.   Happy Advent!

Or check out my author website for more information...

Or ignore this entirely.

Up to you.

But I welcome honest reviews if you are up for a short read or three.
(Share 'em on Amazon / goodreads / your blog...any way you like.)
You'll be the first ones to do so...since I've only just put these things up.

To close, in the spirit of Old SK...
I'll answer Five FAQs I've had so far, here...

1.  What kind of novels have you written?
One is speculative fiction set in the same world in which the novelettes take place -- that's all I'll say about that for now.  The second re-imagines the dark ages with a feminist ray of light.

2.   When did you find time to do this?
You make time...and you marry well.

3.  Can I get a review copy of anything or host a giveaway on my blog?
Possibly.  There's no harm in asking.  Email me.

4.  How long has this been your plan?
I don't remember it not being the plan.  It's one of my earliest plans...from childhood, at least (that's a pre-mortal existence joke, get it?)

5.  So that's your last name, huh?  After all the smoke and mirrors you just came out and said it?
Kinda...but not really. 

x Angela

P.S.  If you saw this post appear prematurely, I'm sorry.  The timezone settings didn't match between my site and resolved.  GAH!

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