Thursday, April 15, 2010

Busy Day Silhouette Set

My $1.78-frame-frenzy continues;

The images framed are courtesy of the talented and generous Cathe Holden, of Just Something I Made.

Want some for your kitchen?

This project doesn't even require cutting! Well...not with real scissors (/geek snicker...snort).
  1. I pulled the images I wanted from the JSIM pdf;
  2. Saved them as individual jpgs; and
  3. Printed them on matte photo paper at a Harvey Norman kiosk for 13c each (because I only have a cheap inkjet, and they'd look tacky on standard paper, methinks).
Project Cost: $6.30 for the set.

Here's a photo of them up on the kitchen wall, complete with Esky's facecloth, hanging from a magno-clip on the range hood.

I'm very bugged that the third in the series doesn't have a nice white printing border around the silhouette...and that the "floor" of each image isn't level. Think I'll cough up another 13c (or even 26!) next time I'm in town for reprint/s.
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