Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Project: Esky's Silhouette

Here 'tis!

There is no denying I was inspired by others to undertake this little project. Foremost among my muse-crowd: NieNie (whom I cyberstalk with a passion. Adore. that. woman.). Along with her home;
And taste in beautifying it...She changes those mantle decorations with every season/holiday, and updates the silhouettes every April 1st. Boy, is she darling.

Caroline of Salsa Pie gave a wee tutorial on creating silhouettes such as these that got me motivated - so thank you m'am.

Striking Keys Steps:
  1. Find a recent photo that will work...or stage a photo shoot. I did both, in reverse order (I took screeds of profile images with this project in mind, only to find I liked one I'd already taken weeks ago more.)
  2. Print the image off on plain ol' computer paper at the desired size (I even selected grayscale, just to up the stingey anti.)
  3. Flip the image over (if you want to keep the profile image facing the same way), and trace around it with a pencil onto black card.
  4. Cut out the black silhouette.
  5. Flip it back to match the original image (now you don't even have to rub out the pencil traces), and insert in chosen frame on background of your choosing. Acid free scrapbooking tape / a masking tape can be used to hold the cut out in place. (I tried glueing on my first attempt. Bump-central resulted.)
Here it is in her room, where it looks teensy and out of proportion with the wall's negative space...but kind of perfect if I squint and imagine her big-girl bed going under it someday.

I like the idea of it being a little touch rather than a big feature. It suits her girly, delicate ways...and the rest of her room;

Cost of Project: $1.97 for frame
(I'm not chalking up the print-out or black paper as costs - already had 'em...aaaand I want the bargainness of it all to sound more amazing, let's be honest).

Other Notes:
Finding the bargainmeister frame led to the project.
And I bought 5 more of them.
I want to back for more. /twitch twitch
You can get a frame similar for $3.99 not on special, or pay a little more for something fancier, For now, I'm content with my $2-job. Wait, less than $2-job; amaaaaazing.

I tried a range of backgrounds, silhouette colours and frames before deciding the classic black and white combo looked best. And like I say, blew it with the glue, too.

I think a lighter, lower contrast silhouette would look better as a book cover or transfer for a backpack, perhaps...but on the wall, you just can't tell what's going on.

I've since made a set of three Busy Day" silhouettes inspired by Cathe Holden of Just Something I Made for the kitchen.

Watch this space for the debrief. /tongue-poke of promise
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