Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eight Announcements at 8:00

  1. I am victorious. I have finished keepsaking/photographing/filing/sorting all of the memorabilia from the last boxes of "Angela's stuff" at my parents' house.
  2. I'm a believer. Amongst all that --^, I found a tooth. A tooth I'd had removed in dental surgery years ago and apparently kept for some purpose (in a mini-ziplock back). I'm pleased to tell you that when I sent this little relic to the tooth fairy (with an accompanying explanatory note), care of my parents, the tooth fairy wrote back. And sent me a dollar.
  3. Linking an email address to your Blogger/Google account is hot (add one under Google Accounts). Then I can click "reply" to your comment and tell you how much I adore you. One great post about this is here.
  4. I love this site.
  5. I make seriously good brownies.
  6. I can cook! Replacing that old flour has been a cure-all! I've made glorious pancakes (with the same recipe), aforementioned brownies, sweet banana cupcakes, and successful scones since ditching the supply. The sour streak is over!
  7. Ninja is missing. This bites, big time. I've already posted "Have you seen our cat?" slips in neighbouring letterboxes. /whimper ...Haki assures me, "Cats go walkabout, honey." I am clinging to this statement more than he knows.
  8. I deliver. Johanna - you asked for a screenshot of my reverse-date-ordered folders - I'll give you two!
a) Behold - newsletters arranged according to when they were created, rather than alphabetically...
b) (Click to enlarge) ...and this year's (January through June only) photos of Esky...also in in true chronological order.
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