Friday, September 7, 2012

Five Amusements at 5:00

  1. Yesterday, during a park visit, "big girl" Esky informed me, "I am going to go up to the top of that *big* dinosaur slide and slide down without crying, all by myself."  Cut to: Ivy motoring up the steps and sliding down said slide without fuss or thought.  A common difference between first and second children I've heard, but it is still so funny that Esky is spontaneously assuring me all will be well whilst "my baby" storms on.
  2. Sometimes when I see people standing a certain way pumping gas it looks like they're peeing into their car. 
  3. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  During our recent sickness bout (thankfully gone), I watched this with Esky.  Oh my days.  Golden. (Although we had to skip some scary parts.)
  4. Speaking of sickness -- Ivy is now mobile + still chipper while sick.  We saw projectile fluids streaming out of her mouth like an oscillating sprinkler in the middle of our lounge.  No warning, no sign of stopping, no complaint. Now it's amusing.
  5. Betty White's: Off Their Rockers.  Okay, I've only seen one episode, but I laughed a lot.
P.S.  I've turned off the atrocious word verification for comments, even though it means I now volunteer at the spam factory. 
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