Thursday, May 2, 2013

Five More at 5:00

  1. We reassembled the cot à la side car yesterday.  It's the final countdoooown...
  2. "Bap" is a funny name for a bun.  "Bap."  Hahaha.
  3. When a little stone flicks up from the road and chinks against my windscreen, I know it's not usually the fault of the driver whose tyres have done the flicking...but I can't help feeling a little of the frustration seeping out of my skin and lasering from my squinty eyes is being directed towards their vehicle.  Sorry innocents, it's your road too.
  4. We had so many eggs I didn't know if we could use them all before they turned rotten.  Then yesterday I got out the bread, syrup, bananas and bacon -- ready for a french toast brunch bonanza I'd been a-hankering for for days.  We were out of eggs.  Really.
  5. I read Stargirl (Jerry Spinelli). It's nice.  The Wednesday Wars and Okay for Now tickle the same fancies (and more), and with more sophistication, but this one is still a good read.  I think it would be a good discussion-point-book for a mother and daughter to read together in the daughter's early teens (or even 'tweens).  I intend to read it again with my girls when they're older.
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