Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 55

I posted about reading the book upon which this film is based back in 2013.  When I saw Grace VanderWaal was cast for its adaptation I was excited -- I'm a huge fan and I think this was an inspired call.  The movie is good...and I think worth seeing for its points of difference from the teen film canon and for the discussion I think it's so great at generating.  Available in Disney+.
The Boy who Harnessed the Wind
Haki and I really enjoyed this one.  It's got some tough kids aren't ready for it yet.  Available on Netflix.

I Am Mother
This is one of two jaw-droppers on this list.  I love love loved it.  Haki and and I looked at each other after it was over and went, "That was so good."  I can still talk about it at length with someone else who's watched it.  I think this has earned a place on my favourite films of all time list (the last new entry for this was The Martian).  If you enjoy sci fi, don't read a synopses, just watch it.  It's such a treat.

This is the second jaw-dropper.  This is my favourite war film of all time.  It's certainly not for everyone (if you don't usually like war movies, I doubt this will change that).  It is incredibly well-executed.  I'm so glad I saw those one in the big theatre.  Wow.
Jojo Rabbit
I saw this in theatres with Haki because: we like Taika.  We were both dubious.  I enjoyed it more than Haki did!  My biggest gripe is its egregious classification as M; I think it should have been restricted.  There's some incredibly disturbing imagery I can't believe kids were watching alongside us.  It has some truly magic moments.  If what you know of it doesn't interest you, I wouldn't bother -- your instincts are probably right, for you -- I did enjoy it.

Knives Out
I am a huge fan of this one -- I found it clever, playful, noir-ish, fun to dissect and pretty to look at.  Haki thought it was good but not as great as I was making it out to be.  Whenever I've seen Daniel Craig's face since I feel a sense of affection because of this film; him as James Bond is forgotten.

Green Book
Ripper.  This one was a home run for me and Haki, and he's brought it up a number of times since, simply reflecting on how good he found it.  Available on Netflix.

Let It Snow
This was a good time. Hit the spot on the night I felt like watching it -- and that's the kind of rec I'd make for it -- if it looks like what you're in the mood for, it might scratch the teen flick itch.

Little Women
It took me a while to be okay with the postmodern treatment...but by the end, I was sold.   The chronological jumps made it harder for my youngest to follow (I took all three girls to see it, in cinema), but she got there. I cried a lot.  Saoirse is one gifted creature. Remake it a hundred times and I'll watch it every. time. 

Gente que viene y bah (In Family I Trust)
I dug the chemistry in this Spanish film, and found more depth and authenticity to the acting and story than a Hollywood rom-com.  It isn't something I'd often feel like watching though, or watch again.

The Addams Family
Maybe I was in a bad mood when I watched this?  But we paid to rent it on appleTV for Ivy's birthday and I found it pretty meh *shrug*...sure glad I didn't pay to see it at the movies.  It's one of those ones where I feel like I caught all the best gags in the trailer. 

Frozen II
I like the Frozen films.  I feel things, watching them.  Most of all, I appreciate the dimensions it's adding to Disney romance.  No longer are love stories founded on well- or boat-sightings alone, but they're born from overcoming things together, seeing each other in crises and through good, and there's doubt and then a conscious determination to work and stick with it -- yes please!  Are things still relatively simplified?  Yeah, it's a 2-hour film for families.  Is it a heck of an improvement on the love-at-first-sight-but-now-willing-to-die-for-you model?  YES.  I think it's fantastic that we get to see Kristoff working out feelings (!) and being so loyal and supportive.  Haki thinks the music in the second movie is nowhere near the quality of the first, I disagree; love both soundtracks.  I also love Anna's boundary-setting (though Elsa doesn't appear). 

Aladdin (2019)
Oh, there are more big Disney's I saw yonks ago to catch up on, folks!  I had a great time watching Aladdin.  I think it's my favourite animated movie from my childhood and I enjoyed seeing it adapted.  Wahoo for Jasmine having more lines!  I'm finding it hard to hear American accents in all-world settings lately, but was so fun.

Mary Poppins Returns
This wasn't bad, but it didn't win me over like it did some of my friends...but then, I am not a massive fan of the original; I like both well enough,
Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker
I really really like Rey and this episode gave me a good Rey dose.  Thoroughly enjoyed.   I know haters aren't happy with the new stuff, but I am thrilled with updates being made to this universe, particular for female characters.

Crazy Rich Asians
Okay.  Fun at the time.  Forgettable though.

Rim of the World

The Lion King (2019)
I did not love watching a remake of this.  The animals looking real made them talking weird.  I have chosen.

Great film.  I was very slow coming to this party but yay for getting there in the end.  Available on Netflix.

I'll be back tomorrow and the next day with two more bulk hits.  It's been a while...
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