Friday, April 24, 2020

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 57

Alita: Battle Angel
This is a puzzling mash-up of Disney-esque casting, acting, script and story choices playing alongside violent and brutal content.  I enjoyed the thrill and fascination-factor during the fight scenes but found the aforementioned elements distracting and odd.  I started feeling like a lot of moments deserved a face-palm. Also: Psssst...Jennifer Connelly is not aging like the rest of us.

Mary Queen of Scots
Historic fiction with Saoirse?  Sign me up.  Oh, it's quite sexy.  Lots of powerful moments and breathtaking costume, but once is enough for me.

Sierra Burgess is a Loser
I wanted to like this, and I wouldn't call it time wasted...but the catfishing is just too much.

Ready Player One
This was okay.  It hasn't stuck with me or begged a re-watch, but I enjoyed it at the time.  If you had to choose between only giving this or Tron a go for someone you love, I'd go with Tron.

Just One of the Guys
From the vault (1985), this was another reminder of how much nudity and sexual content was already in movies decades ago.   I made a note of this fact, and that I found this "interesting," but I've already forgotten it.

Isn’t it Romantic? 
I watch everything Rebel is in *guilty hands up.*  Found this fun.

There are two stand-outs in this bulk hit and this is one of them.   Haki and I both enjoyed this one.  Me, emphatically so.  Will watch again with the girls later.

 One for the Money
My notes on this simply say "entertaining, no kiss."  So...apparently I am super-antiquated and simple-minded...and felt frustrated at its end and like I should warn anyone else going in with hope there will be kissing??  Tell me if I'm wrong!

The Cured
Well, it's a zombie movie, so it had its work to do from the start (Haki's pick that night, obvs).  I remember one dude's creepy face and manner more than any zombie-looking-zombie, so he did a good job at being creepy.  I wouldn't highly recommend it, but if you love zombie movies, it's a different angle.

So Haki talks me into zombie movies more than once a year.   Of these two, I found this one better.  I never though I'd watch it, the premise seemed like too much...but the post apoc elements really resonated with me.  If you're not a zombie fan neither of these is going to win you over...but if you sometimes go there (that's me), this is one of the best zombie movies I've seen. It's memorable.  Top 3, I reckon.  (I think it's restricted, which is breaking from my MO, so you may find this a lot "more" than other mature recs here.)

What We Did On Our Holiday
This is the second stand-out on this list.  Highly recommend.  What a gem of a movie.  Possibly an all-time favourite.  Yeah, I think so. 

The Great Wall
There's some cool moments here, but I'm sorry, the white saviour narrative and undecided accent are too. much.

Scent of a Woman (1992)
I felt like not having seen this was an oversight.  Remedied it. Didn't love it, but appreciated the characters a great deal.  Quite sweary.

Barakah meets Barkah


Ghost in the Shell
So, I was just trying to explain to Haki just last night, that even if I don't like a film's story or acting or script, sometimes I feel like there's this other criteria I rate "watchability" on that is essentially "world effects."  With science fiction, almost always, I can forget almost everything about a film except its aesthetic...and I am glad to see each future imagined, even if I didn't like the movie.  Alita  and Mortal Engines are both examples of "world effects" I liked more than the movie..  Ghost in the Shell is like that too -- I liked seeing another set of "world effects," not the movie so much.  Did I like the over-sexualisation?  I did not. 

The Perfect Date
Okay, so I disagree with the audience ratings on this one.  This movie features great parents, good morals and less sexual references and sexualisation than most high school / college movies ...I think it's a great teen movie!  Maybe for some that made it less edgy? Fun?  Funny?  I'm not sure, but it's a great addition to the teen movie canon, in my opinion, especially given its technological content.

 Ones I think can be passed:
Going the Distance
Unnatural Selection
How it Ends
Something Real -- I can't even find this one any more, but the classification was so off!  There's drug use, abuse, sex x3, swearing...and I felt there was really no warning that would all be there.

I posted a bulk hit yesterday and the day before too.
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