I was born in Ohio and spent my first years jumping from barn lofts, picking apples, swinging on tyre swings, spitting watermelon seeds, sneaking slivers of pumpkin pie, and coveting my brothers' toys.

My parents whisked their five kids away to New Zealand when I was seven years old. I spent the next few years endeavouring to lose my accent, travelling in a van dubbed the "Yank Tank" by my classmates, pulling over to walk to every waterfall and heritage site signposted in the country, moving from city to city, and teaching my little sisters how the world works in a fairly bossy fashion.

I remember the States. My parents continued to celebrate Thanksgiving once here. My eldest brother moved back there, and much of my extended family there remains. But I belong here, and I love this place.

I live in the deep south of New Zealand with my husband, Haki, and our three beautiful girls -- Esky, Ivy, and Mia (these three wear pseudonyms around here). 

I write about things that strike a chord or key with me and strive to share that good music I've found in everyday life.  Often what strikes my keys are books -- so you'll hear a lot about those here -- but you'll also find movie reviews, recipes, printables, and the occasional short update on me/my family so you know I'm not a bookwormbot.  Enjoy!

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